04.08.15 - Limbo

Space stuff in Cinema 4D and After Effects. Should have posted this test awhile ago! Has been sitting private for too long….
Inspired by the music, I wanted to create a planet scape. This project helped to uncover some anti-aliasing issues I’ve had in the past.

Song: Midnight – Coldplay

25.10.13 - Moorekids Info Video

I recently had the opportunity to work on an informational video for a non-profit organization with a great cause. Thanks to Maura Rafferty for the opportunity and to Tracie Muir for hooking us up. The video was created using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Voice over work – Jim Eyles

Music – “Live my Life” by metrolifemusic



06.08.13 - Rocket Jump Dark Logo Animation

Recently, I had the opportunity through Simian Design Group to work with freddiew and his team at Rocket Jump. I created the opening logo animation for their Dark Knight parody “SKYHOOK” which is being featured on YouTube’s geek week playlist.
The animation was a riff off of the Legendary Pictures logo animation before the Dark Knight.

The full freddiew sketch can be seen here: youtu.be/seE59eiD5nw


07.05.13 - Balloon Animal Test with Breakdown

I created this walking balloon animal scene as a practice project for an upcoming client project using Cinema 4D and After Effects. Video was shot with the Canon T2i and tracked in Syntheyes. I wanted to test the balloon shaders and HDRI map in a real environment. Enjoy!

Song by Bibio


17.04.13 - New! 2013 Demo Reel

This is a compilation of my work created over the past couple years.  This has been LONG overdue! My last reel was created in 2010 and it was time for an update. I created everything using Cinema 4d, After Effects, Premiere and Syntheyes.  The content created was for NFL films and various independent projects.  Enjoy!

Yuksek – Tonight RAC Remix


18.09.12 - Ezra Teaser Trailer

Created using Cinema 4D and After Effects. The game teaser is based on concept art created by my friend Izaak Moody (izaakmoody.com/bvt4wwb27rtst68ht1l6stlbc7lykf ). After seeing Izaak’s painting, I wanted to create an action packed run-though of the environment with a “Mirror’s Edge” kind of perspective.  Creating a game teaser was a fun idea, and helped to solidify the animation without having to tell a huge story.  Title music is Cloudlight by Eskmo.

25.04.12 - Show Open: 2011 Year of the Rookie

In case you missed it, here is the show open I created for the show “2011: Year of the Rookie”

I was given the theme of rookie playing cards by show director Shannon Furman and a week to work on it (from concept to completion). With limited time, I worked with Jim Eyles to come up with a storyboard and concept of a rookie card printing press (abstracted with robotic arms, heavy rollers, and random mechanisms). I used Cinema 4D and After Effects for 3D animation, post effects, and editing. Sound design and mix was created by Mike Kennedy.

Watch it full screen!  Hope you enjoy!

19.04.12 - 2011: Year of the Rookie Teaser

Screenshots from 2011: Year of the Rookie on NFL Network

I recently finished an open for a show called 2011: Year of the Rookie.  The show will air Tuesday,  April 24th at 8 P.M. ET.  I cannot post the full animation as of now, but I plan to upload it after the show’s air date!!

18.04.12 - New Site!

Oh, Hey there.  This site is currently under construction!  Please stop by again soon to see a brand new website!

Here’s a video to tide you over!

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Demo Reel 2013


    Oh, Hey there. This site is currently under construction! Please stop by again soon to see a brand new website!
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